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Your Questions, Answered

Although my services are generally tailored to each client’s specific pet needs, there are some questions that often come up again and again. Read on and find out if there’s already an answer for yours. If there is anything you’re still wondering about or unsure of, please don’t hesitate to call or send me a message and I’ll get back to you shortly.

Which breeds of dogs does K DanielS K-9 Academy train?

We train all breeds of dogs of all sizes and shapes and personalities. Every dog breed has their own specific traits and training styles required to bring out the best results and guide them to work for praise and love. And just like humans, within each breed, every dog still has their own personalities and past experiences that affect how they view the outside world. Learning the different personalities of each dog is essential in building each relationship and bringing out the dogs best performances.

What does K DanielS K-9 Academy do differently than others in your field?

Every trainer has their own skill sets and methods. I have always had a natural gift in reading and understanding dogs and have proven myself to be very successful in working with every type of personality and temperament. As a father of five children and raising many others, and working with children who have special needs, my abilities to work with all different types of issues, personalities, and needs in dogs is far surpassed many other trainers who's experience is based strictly around dogs.

What is your training methodology?

My training methods and techniques are all based on positive reinforcement and praise. I use a lot of confidence building techniques, praise, and lots of play and love to bring out the best performances and attitudes towards working and training. While I do use training collars such as a choke collar and pinch collar, these are only to reinforce a physical response to verbal corrections. Always keep in mind, all training, and corrections, and commands trained, can only be successful if we have built a solid foundation of praise and trust between the dog and trainer.

Which other types of animals does K DanielS K-9 Academy train, if any?

Although I have much experience working with many other types of animals, both domestic and exotic, dogs are my primary focus in my professional career. While I am still willing to work with and train wolves, all other types of animals and exotics are only worked with for personal enjoyment.

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